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OMEGA S-80 is in up-to-date cable fault location system. The main function is the maintenance and quick faults searching of middle and hight-voltage (0.4 – 10 kV) PE, XPLE and Paper Oil Insulated cables. Options, this system is able to provide are:

High-voltage testing (up 50 kV AC or DC AC or DC voltage with 0.1 Hz frequency)
High-voltage testing (VLF systems with 0.01 Hz frequency)

Cable fault pre-location
By acoustic method (impulse energy 2000 Joules)
Reflection method

Cable fault transformation (for Paper Oil Insulated cables only)
By burning down method (max voltage is 16 kV, but optionally can be increased to 40 kV)

Cable fault localization (for PE, vinyl and paper Oil Insulated cables)
Non-burning methods
Impulse Plus (arc) method
Discharge method
By acoustic method
By induction method

All the needed types of work with XPLE cables

System Omega S-80 it is one of the best and reliable system using in rough climatic conditions. The three phases-it-time kind of connection provides a safe and comfortable switches from phase to phase. Operator’s workplace philosophy is providing maximum reliability, comfort and at the same time – easy and clean managing way. Omega S-80 safety system guarantees avoiding any risk for operator.

Omega S-80 has two basic complectations:
• For cables service only
• For cables and transformers service
One of most advantages of Omega S-80 systems is the possibility of client’s equipment using. This provides:
• Possibility of cost reduction in case of money deficit.
• Possibility of step-by-step complectation from mini-system to three-phase system.
• Possibility of using the most accustomed equipment solutions.
It is also possible to use client’s van for equipment installing.
All the changes should be discussed first.

Basis version includes
High-voltage testing
• Device PGK-70HB
Cable fault pre-location
• Reflection method: Reis-305 [Optionally – IRG-2000, IRG-3000, Reis-405]
• Impulse method Reis-305 [Optionally – IRG-2000, IRG-3000, Reis-405] plus arc adapter
• Discharge method Reis-305 [Optionally – IRG-2000, IRG-3000, Reis-405] plus safety adapter
Cable fault exact location
Induction method
• Induction searching complex KPA-500K (includes generator GT-500 and pin pointing device PP-500 and in case of necessity with burning down system ATG-6000) [FERROPHON ELH 6]
Acoustic method
Pin pointer PP-500 [Optionally – Pin pointer ULB-30, Impulse generator IG-32-2000]
High voltage commutation
High voltage commutation unit BVK and the central control Unit BVR (three or one phase depends on customer needs), with high voltage communicative cable 50 m (three or one phase depends on the connection phases quantity)


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