This spring bodyguard earpiece loops over the ear and easily hides under the clothes for better concealment and coverage Best used for communication in places where identity needs to be kept private Great for usage where communication under more private circumstances are demanded

This spring earpiece comes in different variant The mm version comes with mm Jack and built in mic The walkie talkie version comes with a pin jack and PTT Covers most devices under corporate usage or personal usage
mm version can be used for personal usage or mobile phones including mobile phones such as iPhones samsung tablets and more
pin walkie talkie version used more for work purposes including attachments to walkie talkie for construction worksites malls events and more

Most commonly seen used to facilitate communications in military operations spy operations and more This earpiece is great for the daily tech geek or corporate usage

Both versions of this earpiece comes in black colour only with a slick long connection from jack to earpiece Nice slim lightweight design for portability on the Go The spring section of this earpiece covers a radiation capture technology so it prevents pain and discomfort from prolonged wearing.

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