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Panch Tulsi Oil

Listed by MedicareTulsi 2017-12-19 11:06:38 from India

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Tulsi Plant has been found in very house in India. Tulsi leaves can cure so many diseases so has great importance in our religion worship of Tulsi is very beneficial in our religion. Tulsi has got benefits.

Tulsi has Five Types Ram Tulsi Krishan Tulsi Sham Tulsi Vann Tulsi Kapoor Tulsi & Subla Tulsi. Panch Tulsi has been made by the combination of these five kind of Tulsis. It is the most beneficial Anti-Oxidant Anti-Englament & Anti-Disease. Panch Tulsi is a Anti-Oxified.

Benefits of Tulsi

Pain in Teeth In case of cactus in teeth pain Panch Tulsi on cotton & keep on teeth you will get relief.
Pain in Ear In case leakage in Ear keep one-one drops of hot panch tulsi in ear then will get relief from pain.
Take 4-5 drops of Panch Tulsi in warm water in case of mouth aching.
Panch Tulsi provide a great relief in case of burn any body part.
Tummy related diseases can be cured by taking Panch Tulsi after meal.
Panch Tulsi is helpful in increasing blood circulation in our body.
In case of white hair or dandruff in hair take 8-10 drops of Panch Tulsi in oil mix it & make massage of hair. It is beneficial.
By taking Tulsi you will get relief from cold & cough.
In case of womating & constipation take some Tulsi Leaves & Dry Jeera then mix it in honey & take three times in a day will get relief & benefit.


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