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Listing Details | DEEP SEEKER-Best Quality Long Range Metal D

DEEP SEEKER-Best Quality Long Range Metal Detector

Listed by Ground Navigator 2018-11-22 09:04:08 from Cambodia

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DEEP SEEKER is a world class technology with high precision and discrimination feature.

It is perfect for explorers prospectors and researchers who are tired of their old traditonal metal detectors and are looking for a more effective and reliable one. It is made up of high quality materials assuring its durability and accuracy. It detects objects with its 4 powerful search systems guarateeing sure finds without regretting how much time and effort you spent on your treasure hunting activity. This device detects buried gold gold nugget diamond silver cavity or meteors.

Search Systems
1. Long Range System-accurate in discriminatingidentifying and monitoring signals which will guide you to your target. It can scan up to 2500 meters front range and 35m deep.
2. Ionic System- Properties of golds and other treasures buried for a very long period of time may have been affected by its surrounding environment. This system is perfect for such targets.
3. 3D Imaging System- gives 3-dimensional imaging results which helps the user determine the kind of the detected object whether precious or non-precious metal a space etc.
4. Magnetic System Magnetometer-designed to detect magnetic targets such as gold silver iron and other metallic objects.
5. Cavity Detection System


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