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Individual Webpage Design for maximum exposure and keeping of your customers

Posted on: 08 Apr 2014

I\'ll create an awesome looking sales webpage for you to advertise your product. Only for 10 bucks.

The price is because i\'m currently building my portfolio and i like helping people to sell their items.

Note: I\'ll NOT be creating a squeeze page. Its not those long-looking sales page that people are already familiar with,.. you know, the ones with lots of videos and sorts in which people will know to never click on the buy button. Neither, will it also not be a big shopping cart or some big e-commerce system. Its just going to be a very simple webpage.

It will be concise with a short description loaded with photos and a simple form and Paypal buy button even your grandma would know how to use. Its great especially for selling small gift items and products.

You will have this simple webpage with full payment functionalities. Allowing users to pay and get directed back to same page with payment made.

If you\'ve a webstore, you can add it as an extension page and have it link it to your original store for additional exposure without affecting your original webstore.
You can:
1) host the webpage on your own hosting account
2) Rent a space from me for a monthly fee.
3) Upload it as part of my site using my domain name.(FREE!)

Don\'t know how to do it? Don\'t worry, I\'ll provide you the manual or guide you through with how to getting your webpage up.

I\'ll guide you to uploading this simple webpage to your server or I can upload it for you.

It will not be something like this..
It will be something like this

It will be a very simple webpage. Concise and straight to the point, honest and easy to use.

Individual Webpage Design for maximum exposure and keeping of your customers

Service Type: I

Name: Lawrence

Contact: 88697794

Location: Singapore

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