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The impact of electronic commerce on marketing their product

Listed by Anh 2015-03-15 00:00:00 from Singapore

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The impact of electronic commerce on marketing their products to Singapore
With the rise and development of electronic commerce, many medium and small enterprises in Singapore are e-commerce transactions by means of a low cost, ease of lower administrative costs and other industry characteristics and market access to information, have invested in e-commerce for product sales. For businesses, though e-commerce has such advantages, especially its information with high efficiency, but that does not mean in any enterprise e-commerce market have a very high sales efficiency. In fact, due to the complexity of the importance of different business and customer relationship marketing, some companies still prefer to use direct marketing professionals face to face, because the e-commerce technology can not fully answer the difficult products to handle complex relationships, then these the key issue is the question of where e-commerce sales. However, in the course of corporate marketing, especially in the pre-(market information collection and analysis, market development and promotion, product development and research) and aftermarket (production, storage and transportation, raw materials, inquiry and procurement), e-commerce still affecting the traditional marketing model, for everyone briefly explain e-commerce marketing for businesses which have affected several aspects:
One, with a graphical interface and multimedia features Internet fascinating, Singapore companies can demonstrate the full range of products and service characteristics, enabling customers to accurately grasp the industrial products business products and services. While users can also pass through the Internet and search the powerful advantages and disadvantages to change their information, to find more suppliers. On the one hand, this makes visits more efficient sales staff, on the other hand, increased competition in the market.
???? Second, as long as the Internet, a Singapore companies can face any global industrial market, any purchaser can also be the face of global business, communications and exchanges of information is entirely commercial transactions, such as spatial distance a break geographical restrictions of space, expand the company's sales range. (Luoyang e-commerce)
Third, through e-commerce platform, Singapore companies directly to all customers, understand their needs and change information to make production decisions marketable products, reduce product unmarketable and backlog, reduce the loss of inventory, but also to avoid price competition in the market in need; enterprises direct transactions to minimize or avoid intermediaries variety of business activities, saving a variety of business and transaction costs, allows companies to below the social average necessary labor time production and sale of products; enterprises grasp the sales network sales, inventory and price changes of information, to the best way and the fastest speed of the sales network in logistics reasonable re-distribution, improve its operating efficiency. (Luoyang e-commerce)
In summary, e-commerce is still a great impact on product sales business in Singapore, we can say no is not suitable for network marketing businesses. In today's information society, no one can be completely independent of the network space to survive, so most businesses should be aware of the fact that online marketing and e-commerce, e-commerce and Internet marketing to do their own planning.
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