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Singapore Enterprises in the marketing website building process should pay attention to what factors
Website building is a process of continuous improvement. So companies marketing website building process should pay attention to the factors which can make your site play a greater role in it? Let us work together to come up.
First, the design problem. Design problems are the most common problems currently existing in the site, reflected in the site structure, colors, columns division, etc., in the layout design is also basically a column up and down, left and right columns, etc., the site does not use wealth enterprise Features decorated graphics or text, website design no personality. Therefore, carefully choose a design strength of the company, is your very important work in redesigning site.
Second, the interaction problems. Does your site to achieve the interaction with customers, the extent to which this feature is worth your careful consideration. With the current decline in network service costs, you can also build your own database, such as customer information database, product management database, etc., through the backstage management system, automatically updating the website! The new product can also be instantly posted to the website to go.
Third, the site content. When we browse the Internet will find that most of the SMEs website sections divided converge: Company profile, product / service description, contact information, etc., in the layout design is also basically a column up and down, left and right columns, etc., will not full of enterprise characteristics using graphical or text-decoration websites, website design no personality, if this site does not achieve the desired effect is not to blame. Enterprises to establish their own websites, in addition to promote themselves, show themselves, and more importantly, how to generate profits for the enterprise, through the website, so that more potential customers into real customers!
Fourth, the technical problems. We are not encouraging enterprises to increase the technical content in your website, the most important is the extent to which the technology used to achieve the desired function or functions of the site you want and what kind of technology to achieve more cost-effective. Here, ten thousand construction site in Shenzhen to remind you that the construction site is actually not a simple task, how to stand business perspective to plan, create a useful site, input and site features matching technology that requires you and Design carefully investigate companies or professionals.

The three major components of marketing website building
For a start just want to build a marketing website for companies, business owners for the exhibition industry knowledge marketing website building when let not understand, but also want to know more. In the build site is site constitutes also must know.
First, the domain name:
Domain is the site of meaning, usually we see that the Internet site. So, if you do the site must also have a web site, you can play one of your favorite or your business-related domain names to be easy to remember. Domain need to buy.
Secondly, the virtual space:
Virtual space, also known as virtual hosting, is the use of special hardware and software technology to a host computer into a "virtual" hosts, each virtual host has a separate domain and IP address (or shared IP address) , with a complete Internet server functions. Simply put, there is a computer in the room, when the site built, the site can store all the files to this computer, users can access your site via the domain name.
Third, the Web site:
Site is a combination of multiple files by web designers and developers together to complete. Now a lot of people will do the site, the threshold is lower, but the quality of the site is also uneven. If you want to have a professional, dedicated, innovative brand websites, we recommend that you find a network company to do.

Marketing website building must pay attention to several issues
Marketing website and traditional websites than what advantage?
To sum up should be the three forces: the credibility of the turnover of power, spread the force! To do a good job marketing website, you must pay attention to several issues
First, the site location
The traditional practice sites, almost without regard to the positioning of corporate website, believes that to be a corporate website, but also to consider what position, to do based on past experience and the views of business owners have the ah. This approach, in fact, positioning is unclear.
Because, the traditional site simply from the point of departure to make art and function, it is not considered factors in website marketing, it is impossible to make the company's products have a good ranking in the search, it is difficult to bring to the enterprise business.
Accurate positioning is: According to the company's products and marketing plan, determine network marketing goals, simply put, is to let those products enterprises can obtain a better ranking in the search engines, make bring business.
Namely: what products to buy through the website business out of it? How can bring customers through the website, the product bought out?
Second, the product keyword strategy
After positioning determined, it is necessary to determine the keywords, and what is the product keywords? For example: one to sell mobile phone company, its products keyword is: phone. Other analogy.
In the keyword strategy, the most important thing from the customer, the market's point of view to develop a good core keywords and keyword expansion. That site to which products you want to buy out? Then factor in their associated core keywords and keyword is to expand the focus of consideration.
Need the help of some keyword analysis tools to help you better choose keywords.
Third, site architecture planning
After the keyword OK, then, what kind of site architecture through before they can achieve the exact keyword promotion, to get a better search ranking it?
To achieve this aim, the need for rational planning site architecture.
To do site planning, you need to skillfully use the following techniques:
A domain name choice, to choose more conducive to the promotion of the domain name, the domain name choices are many details to deal with these details, will be more conducive to the promotion.
2, select the site space. Web space to choose faster, had not been punished search engine space, in order to avoid unnecessary implicated.
3, based on good planning website seo column settings, this setting is set, should resolutely set to remove, do not do the same as the traditional website, we a face. Such as: Column name setting, the relevant section of the directory name, file name is set, two domain names and column settings, etc., more details of the deal.
4, reverse connection of the processing stations. According keyword strategy keywords should be selected from the station and has a good reverse connection, so that is conducive to the page weight increase is conducive rankings rise.
5, website access speed. Must be fast. Site visits to be fast, it is necessary to consider the page itself is conducive to fast, where the page is not conducive to a fast system to open the station factor to use less, or even not. Second, larger spatial bandwidth websites. The best conditions their lease more bandwidth. Because the site "pleasure" is an important aspect of website humane factors.
6, do not cheat.
Fourth, website promotion
If the site is entirely from the perspective of network marketing to do so, and using a css + div making all pages by means of content updates, the site's ranking will slowly come. If you want to speed up the good effects of this ranking, can assist in other ways to promote the website to promote the site. Such as:
1, event marketing;
2, free network marketing;
3, forum marketing;
4, blog marketing;
5, e-mail marketing;
6, optimize marketing;
7, offline marketing;
8, affiliate marketing;
9, article marketing software;
10, social network marketing;
11, PPC marketing;
12, adwords promotional marketing;
13, original content marketing. (And so on)
Which seeking to visit the corporate website for the promotion of it?
According to enterprise resources need to be judged, planners should be according to your situation and budget to consider promotion strategy.
Promotion method does not need much to be refined, the need to achieve the ultimate.
Five, Web site operators
Once on the site line up to carry out promotion, users will continue to have access to the site, then you need to install client tracking system on the site, to track user access. Each customer is always after almost five track, will become the official client.
The installation of a network marketing analysis system to analyze the way users access the site, according to the characteristics of re-adjust the way the website promotion strategy to correct wrong way to promote the original may adopt more precise ways to promote.
The timely development of online customer service system, ready to answer users' questions, smooth communication channels.
Marketing website building needs a truly network marketing oriented, truly user-centric, real-oriented search engine optimization, genuine concern for network brand building and promotion, with "market power sales force + experience + power", the only way corporate marketing site eventually became a corporate super salesman.
We focus on improving the quality of Singapore's website, to enhance corporate value and market potential, to provide you with quality service station.
1 product distribution system, the news release system, online shopping systems, membership management systems, message systems, online customer service, traffic statistics;
2 well-designed brand corporate website, including company profiles, news, products, Feedback, Contact Us, Links, etc.;
3 Website Package: propaganda-type packages, promotion type packages, e-commerce-type packages, industry portals type packages, forum community-based packages, personal blog packages, and custom development;
4 proxy domain name registration, web hosting, business mail, office and application software.
5 provides enterprise CRM systems, enterprise OA system, industry ERP system and other software and services.
We can help Singapore SMEs to apply for the PIC 15K bonuses and reimbursement of up to 60%
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