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Article written by: Lawrence

3 Useful Tips for Maximizing Ad Postings

  • 1) Do not post duplicate ads. Multiple ads of the same content are filter out by most ad platforms and search engines. Post ads on offers and promotions relating to your business. Focusing on your business products and service packages are also a nice way to attract potential customers seeking that specific product or service to your business.
  • 2) Bounce your ads every 14 days for ads on Expired ads are automatically removed from our system till you renew them.
  • 3) We realize most ad posters miss the keywords and options section. Add keywords and add options for your ad. If you are selling a property, do add prices/floor area/bedrooms/bathrooms and more. Add more options for your ad. As many as you can think off. A full-fledged ad can be very enticing. Check out a good example here.