Harmful Ad Content | Everything Under Global

Article written by: Lawrence

Not just Classifiedads4free. These restricted contents are what most classifieds ad portal webmasters wouldn't want to have on their websites.

  • Do NOT post ads that promote harmful religious idealogy. Suicidal thoughts or harmful ad material seeking to thwart conventional thoughts with extreme ideology.
  • Do NOT post ads related to any vice activities, eg: gambling, pornography, human trafficking or exploit human vulnerabilities. Seek to engage with enticing deals to legit offers.
  • Do NOT post ads that sell or promote medications, drugs or any other with or without approvals.
  • Do NOT post ads that sell contraband or replicated items are prohibited as well. We will not hesistate to contact local authorities should there be a need to wipe out dealers that deal with contraband items within their local community.
  • Do NOT post ads seeking to abuse our portal for link building purposes. Spam ads and multiple ad postings by bots will be removed.
  • Do NOT post ads that have fake contacts, number or seek to mislead readers by providing inappropriate content for their ads.
  • Do NOT post ads that seek to cheat undiscerning readers and part them with their money.